Specialized Facial Treatment

Hydrating Facial
A deep hydrating treatment that increases the epidermal water reserves. Designed for anyone who experiences skin dehydration. Can be performed on a weekly basis or as needed. Duration of treatment 1 hour.
Desensitizing Facial
A corrective treatment that focuses on reducing redness and heat in the skin, promoting better microcirculation and improving skin protection. Recommended for sensitive and acne-prone skin conditions. Can be performed every 2 weeks or as needed. Duration of treatment 1 hr.

Purifying Facial
Specifically designed for oily and acne prone skin, This facial includes a skin analysis, refinement masque with facial steamer, extractions, and skin balancing treatment masque.Recommended for oily skin or acne prone skin types suffering from excess oil and large pores. Recommended once a week for 3 to 6 weeks. Duration of treatment 1 hour.

Solar Facial Detox
After enjoying and superb vacation around the beach ,sometime ends up with sun damage skin .Before going back to work,some needs to refresh there skin as a final retouching .This skin lightening procedure will aid in lightening Hyper-pigmentation problems caused by sun damage ,leaving the skin’s texture smooth, brighter and more even toned.Recommended twice a week. Duration of treatment 1 hour.
Collagen Facial
A corrective anti-aging, skin hydrating and renewing treatment that provides intensive hydration to the skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, improves cell metabolism, and tightens dilated pores. Recommended for all skin types that experience fatigued skin, fine lines, wrinkles and aging-related dehydration. Duration of treatment 60-90 min. Recommended 1 treatment for quick fix before important events, or series of 5 treatments for long lasting results.
Eye Pampering Treatment
The skin around the eyes is quite delicate and easily affected by fatigue and time. This nurturing addition uses botanical ingredients and lymphatic massage to help relieve puffy, tired eyes, the appearance of fine lines, and dark circles. Duration of treatment 30-40 min.

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